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    Picture of Clover Honey (1KG)
    Picture of Khedr's Blend

    Khedr's Blend

    48 EGP
    equates to 480 EGP per Kg
    Picture of Coconut Oil 60 ml
    Picture of Premium Basmati Rice

    Premium Basmati Rice

    15 EGP
    equates to 60 EGP per Kg
    Picture of Peeled Pistachio

    Peeled Pistachio

    Pistachios reduce cholesterol levels in the body, as they contain antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids that promote heart health. Pistachios help in weight loss, if eaten at an appropriate rate, as they are high in protein, low in saturated fats, and high in healthy unsaturated fats necessary for effective weight loss.
    80 EGP
    equates to 800 EGP per Kg
    Picture of Odelia Glycerin Soap - 90 gm
    Picture of BALEA BEAUTY OIL 5 IN 1
    Picture of Cough Herbs

    Cough Herbs

    60 EGP
    equates to 600 EGP per Kg
    Picture of  Mastic (Gram)

    Mastic (Gram)

    Mastic is an effective remedy for indigestion. As mastic turns into a mucilage liquid in an acidic environment, this liquid may help protect the cells of the gut. They are also helpful in lowering blood sugar levels and improving overall liver health.
    12 EGP
    Picture of Yellow Lentiles

    Yellow Lentiles

    12.5 EGP
    equates to 50 EGP per Kg
    Picture of Basmati Rice

    Basmati Rice

    15 EGP
    equates to 60 EGP per Kg
    Picture of Peeled Almond

    Peeled Almond

    Almonds contain nutrients that the body needs, to carry out daily activities, and the brain needs them to wake up and wake up. Almonds contain vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E, which contain antioxidants, and minerals important for the health of the body such as magnesium, iron, calcium and sodium. Eating almonds protects from heart disease, helps control blood pressure, and regulates body pressure. Almonds contain suitable proportions of calcium, which helps in strengthening the bones and teeth and avoiding osteoporosis.
    30 EGP
    equates to 300 EGP per Kg