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  • Return and refund policy

    Khedr Al Attar guarantees that the product will be delivered in the same condition mentioned on the sales page.

    Khedr Al Attar is responsible for delivering products with the same specifications that you clarified upon ordering.

    In the event that you want to return your request, just kindly contact us and explain the reason for returning the request, and we will respond to you and take steps to return the request.

    In the event that a request to return any product is approved, the product must be in its original condition, and it must be returned within the period specified by Khedr Al-Attar and you were notified of it. Otherwise, the product will not be returned.

    There is no possibility to return some products to maintain public health.

    Khedr Al Attar covers defects caused by wrong shipment only.

    In the event that a damaged order is received from the shipping company, it must be reported within two days from the date of its receipt (including the regular and official holidays) until the necessary action is taken. If this is not done within the prescribed period, the complaint will not be taken.

    Refunding the amount that you paid will be in the same way that you paid.

    Returning the amount paid to your credit card is done within 5 to 10 working days, according to the bank, which is responsible for the entire process, not Khedr Al Attar.

    The number for any funds transfer to your credit card will not be available from us.

    Some damage to the product's packaging may occur as a result of the shipping process, in this case, Khedr Al Attar will not be responsible for returning the item or refunding its value as long as the product is intact.